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    Chinese Yunnan is an exotic plant, a possible connection between the classical indicas and the South Asian sativas. It shows features of both sides of the cannabis spectrum. On one hand, it grows strong and compact with beautiful wide leaves and the hash plant look. Its flower ripens quickly with a high resin production and sweet creamy scents.

    On the other hand, it shows some Asian sativa features which can be appreciated in the beginning of its effect and in certain fragrant and woody aromas.

    Genetics: Mostly indica coming from Yunnan, a southern chinese province bordering Burma.
    Structure: Strong structure with short internode lenght. Indoors with a short vegetative
    time, it produces columnar plants with big main bud. Outdoors and with longer vegetative time, it develops in a branchy structure similar to a bowl.
    Bouquet: Dense, sweet and creamy indica, with woody and fragrant hints of Asian sativa.
    High: Happy and visual initially. Warm, relaxing and pleasant in its final phase.

    Growing Tips: Adapts exceptionally well to indoor grows with artificial light. In order to obtain the best indoor results, we recommend warm temperatures (of around 25ºC) during the growing and the 4 first weeks of flowering. In the last month, reduce the temperature to 20ªC during the rest of the flowering stage. Outdoors, we recommend warm, dry climates. The results are excellent for all the southern part of the Peninsula.

    This indica is perfect to be mixed with sativa because it easily produces hybrids with very high yield levels, fast flowering and interesting aromas.
    With all our efforts and care, we offer this rarity to the growers’ community even though it has barely been introduced into modern breeding. We hope that you will preserve it and use it for your growing projects.

    Datasheet China Yunnan 100% (5)

    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    bitter, sweet, creamy, woody, incense
    cheerful, relaxing
    End of September / Early October
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