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    The SweetChunk F1's first backcross to her mother, Sweet Pink Grapefruit, produced a surprising result. The small breakdown into individual phenotypes was to be seen in this backcrossing, but the overall picture of all plants is already very close to the original SPG clone.

    For this Backcross two SweetChunk F1 plants have been selected two very good times. In the end, we opted for one, a little more Sativa more dominant times and pollinated the female flowers of our Sweet Pink Grapefruit with its pollen. The growth of the first Bx1 is similar to the Sweet Chunk F1 version much more similar to Sativa, the leaf shape much finer and more delicate. The extension is no longer comparable to that of the F1 hybrid. The whole plant shape has changed and now tends to a SPG-like growth pattern. The sweet chunk hybrid was very homogeneous and stable due to the dominance of the deep chunk. The first backcross gave rise to a previously suspected gene splitting and thus to more phenotypes in a seedpack, with all plants resembling the sweet pink grapefruit. You can see three different phenos. A DeepChunk phenotype that is 100% similar to SweetChunk F1, forms a lot of resin, has compact buds and an indica look, but the aroma is more sweet and fruity. The second pheno is an identical copy of the SPG or SPG S1 seeds. Medium firm and resinated buds, thick inflorescences and an intense odor make the Sweet Pink Grapefruit copy perfect. The third and final phenotype has the same flavor as pheno two, but grows more Sativa more dominant and takes a few more days to mature. You can compare the smell and taste with all the other Sweet Chunk Bx1 plants in the first moment, but on the second turn you will notice a slightly berry-like impact. The turn is clearer and more euphoric than Sweet Chunk F1 but at least as strong.
    The effect has evolved from indica-typical stoned to sativa-same up-high. The yield has also improved and is now quite comparable to the SPG.

    For a long time I was a little unsure if I should release this new version of the Sweet Chunk, but the feedback from all Sweet Chunk Bx1 reviewers has confirmed my opinion on the new genetics.

    Sweet Chunk Bx1 is really comparable to SweetPink Grapefruit and may even top it up in the intensity of the flavor. This is not a cheap marketing spell, I guarantee every SweetChunk Bx1 Grower that he will hardly taste the difference to the SPG Clone. But nevertheless, the project Sweet Pink Grapefruit regular, is far from over and will be continued to get the highest possible stability into this genetics.

    Datasheet Sweet Chunk BX1

    mostly Sativa
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