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    Our second regular strain, which we want to introduce and offer from our assortment, combines many positive qualities of its two parent plants. SweetChunk offers grower a very good resin stock, an extremely delicious, sweet / fruity aroma and an unbeatable potency.
    Our SweetPinkGrapefruit takes on the role of mother role in this F1 hybrid, while Deep Chunk was chosen for the male part. DeepChunk is known to only a few growers in our regions.
    It is a pure Afghani IBL, which is known for a sheer unbelievable resin stock and a huge potency. Our SweetChunk is growing extremely DC dominant. The entire growth structure is similar to the above Afghani. Broad and fleshy leaves, a strong root system and strong side shoots are the peculiarities that are already noticeable in the growth phase.
    The DC characteristics also dominate in flowering. The inimitable resin stocking, compact and firm inflorescences and a strong potency make our SweetChunk a very special genetics that will make any Indica or Afghani lover more than happy. SweetPinkGrapefruit is hard to spot in this cross. Our SweetChunk owes its sweet / fruity aroma, rapid growth and medium stretch after initiation of flowering.
    Due to the incredible dominance of DeepChunk in this cross, the plants grow very homogeneously. Various phenotypes are sought in vain in this cross. The turn is a mix of indica and sativa, with the indica impact clearly felt. The yield can be described as medium to good. SweetChunk forms, like most typical Afghanis, a big headbud, while on the lower shoots usually only small but very solid nuggets hang.

    Genetics: SweetPinkGrapefruit x DeepChunk IBL
    Variety: SweetChunk
    Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor
    Flowering time: 60-65 days
    Yield: medium to good

    Datasheet Sweet Chunk

    mostly Indica
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