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    The second strain we will include in our main catalog is based on a real "All Time Favorite" strain, the old "SweetTooth3" from the legendary Seedbank "Spice of Life" and Breeder Steve.

    The basic genetics of this variation comes from a female cut that was selected many years ago by an Alpine Seeds member. This cut has a very good resin content, the typical sweet aroma and a strong potency, which makes the clone almost ideal to cross.

    The male counterpart was a newly selected "Chemdog dd" plant. "Chemdog dd" is a regular cross between the well-known "Chemdog Clone" and an "EastCostSourDiesel IBL", which was already used in the "OG.Kush-Lemon Larry".

    The new F1 generation from "SweetTooth3" and "Chemdog dd" was selected for the closest possible "SweetTooth3 Pheno". With this male plant we performed a backcross to the "SweetTooth3 Female Cut", the "SweetTooth3 BX1" was born.

    Since the first backcross always involves a certain splitting, we have decided to continue to work on this genetics, to refine it steadily and, above all, to make it more homogeneous.

    There are two broad phenotypes that may differ slightly among each other but are the same in flavor, resin content and potency. The differences are more limited to slight differences in growth, leaf shape and flower structure. But the differences are not negative in this case. The "SweetTooth3 BX1" is not the most homogenous variety but it produces very good plants, which have a strong potency and an above-average resin content. One may also be curious how it goes with the development of the variety and the similarity to "SweetTooth3" on.

    The growth is clearly Sativa dominant and comparable to that of the "SweetPinkGrapefruit". The Nodienabstände are small, branches and shoots grow very branched and give the plant a bushy appearance. Striking are the roughly jagged leaves, which show a clear sativa relationship.

    The aroma is very sweet and intense due to the "SweetTooth3" similarity, but it still tastes a little acidic undertone, which is noticeably more noticeable during flowering.

    The effect is very strong and almost numbing. At low dosages, however, the "Sweet Tooth3 BX1" is more relaxing and calming, without losing the power to drive. With these properties, the plant is also very suitable for medical use.

    The buds are made of very resinous and densely staggered calyxes, which give the flowers a dense but not so compact structure. Since the calyx grow very close to each other, they leave only little air to the inside of the flowers. For this reason, one should always keep an eye on the humidity and casting rate at the end of the flowering phase.

    The yield of the "SweetTooth3 BX1" is very good, it will often happen that flowers or shoots need to be supported, as their weight is too large to be able to carry it themselves.
    With the "Sweet Tooth3 BX1" we have achieved a first important step towards a "ST3" near and really high quality genetics, which will certainly appeal to many fans of the legendary Spice of Life genetics.

    Datasheet Sweet Tooth3 BX1

    mostly Sativa
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