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    Our Victory Kush consists of three relatively homogeneous and pure genetics, of which only the OG.Kush-LL has a slightly more complex pedigree. The crossed-in Victory Clone will be familiar to most growers, the better half of the "Top 44" and for over 25 years a classic in the Netherlands and Germany, where it is popular (but not only) in commercial breeders and pain patients.

    The Ghana Sativa, which has taken over the third part of this intersection, comes from the region around Kade and was collected there by members of the Swiss company "Tattwas". From this legally working hemp plant the seeds came to us, where we selected them and crossed the best male plant with our OG.Kush-LL. All of our OG.Kush strains are based on this Lemon Larry, from the IBL to the earlier OG.Kush mix. From the resulting F1 generation from OG.Kush x Ghana we have again selected the strongest and most vital times and crossed with the Victory Clone. The offspring of this hybrid grow very evenly and homogeneously due to their composition.

    If one looks at the leaves and the branching pattern, one could think of a close Indica kinship, but the stature height, the flower shape and also the effect of the final product is clearly Sativa dominant. The extension at the beginning of flowering is very strong, a height increase of up to 300% is not rare. However, the Victory Kush also copes very well with the pruning of the main shoot. She just needs enough big pots and space for her roots.

    The flowering starts a bit hesitant, as well as the formation of resin, which absorbs only a little in the first two to three weeks. Also this feature was transmitted by the Ghana Sativa and passed on dominant. From the third week of flowering, the flowers begin to gain mass and the formation of trichomes makes a significant step forward. Resin will continue to grow throughout the grow until flowers and the adjacent leaves are covered with trichomes.

    The bud structure is medium hard, maybe a bit looser than normal indica / sativa hybrids, but still not airy like pure or mostly sativas. The aroma of the flowers is typical Victory - sweet, fruity and intense. The LemonLarry has also transferred a small portion of its sour, slightly lemony odor to the Victory Kush. A really delicious and strong aroma that reminds a lot of the original Skunk1.

    The yield is good to very good, even if the flowers are a bit looser, the strain still yields a top yield. The effect of the final product can be described as a mixture of Indica and Sativa, whereby the grass has a clear, euphoric touch but also goes hand in hand with a strong buzz.

    The flowering time is due to the Sativa dominance at 70-78. Days. There are two slightly different phenotypes, which differ only in the flower structure. Pheno1 has slightly denser blooms than Phäno2 which forms slightly loose buds. A really successful strain with a great effect, a lot of resin, a good aroma and a good yield. Just be careful not to disturb the Victory Kush with all too much light in the dark phase, as the crossed-in Sativa Landrace can react a bit bitchy to stress.

    The first 100 packs of the Victory Kush will have a similar regular junction attached as a bonus. This is the Swiss ICE clone crossed with the aforementioned OG.Kush-LL x Ghana. An at least as good hybrid that is also very Sativa dominant but has a slightly different Ghana Sativa similar and floral taste, which derives to a large extent from the old Swiss ICE clone. Both regular varieties have a good breeding potential due to their fairly pure parents which could be interesting for every breeder.

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