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    Atomik Seeds

    Atomik Seeds is a project that started in 2006. Faced with the difficulty of developing and managing a company, up until now its owners decided to work through other means and to continue developing their genetic lines.

    What started out as the search for a pain relief drug ended up becoming a hobby, obtaining the best genetics, crossbreeding in a quest for new sensations All this knowledge and the market itself drew this group of cultivators to embark on a large-scale project upon seeing the results they were obtaining. In a short period of time, they professionalised their activity and carried out some exceptional work, preparing a cultivation with unique and top-quality genetics, focusing all their attention on achieving the best possible feminised strain.

    Despite not being well-known, Atomik Seeds can boast of being one of the first seed banks in Spain to develop feminised cannabis seeds.

    Offering a good product and counting on qualified staff, the possibilities of success of any company multiply, and this is precisely what Atomik Seeds trusts in. They had the cultivators and the genetics, but they needed entrepreneurial skills; anyone who owns a business knows about the difficulties of managing one.

    The cannabis seed market is very competitive; every day, there are new seed banks and new genetics. Huge marketing campaigns, large investments of capital, legal problems, planning and many other factors must be taken into account, and that is very difficult.

    After several years with the seed bank project at a standstill, Atomik has decided that the time is right to launch Atomik Seeds onto the market, with more enthusiasm, strength and energy than ever, with fully charged batteries and a catalogue full of gems ready to be cultivated.

    We may be new to cannabis websites, fora, catalogues, magazines and in the best online and offline growshops, but we have been working professionally and efficiently behind the scenes for almost 10 years, and that is evident in the quality of the seeds.

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