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    Atomika is the most potent cannabis plant you can get grown from seed and if that is not the case it is sure to be among your favourites.

    Atomika is a wide-leaved sativa plant with a very psychoactive and long-lasting effect. A quick high that wears off slowly, ending with a notably more physical effect. An uplifting, stimulating high, ideal for social environments. Few sativa hybrids can boast such a short flowering period and such a potent psychoactive effect.

    Produces hunger (munchies) and thirst (cottonmouth).

    The latest tests carried out on samples of this variety showed THC concentration levels of 23%, a very high amount of THC.

    Its great resistance to botrytis (mould) and pests make it an ideal plant for outdoor growing, yielding very productive harvests.

    It performs outstandingly outdoors. Provided sufficient space is left between plants, there is quality substrate, abundant water and it is adequately fertilised, we will have a spectacular plant that will provide abundant harvests of large, resinous buds. It is a plant that assimilates fertiliser very well.

    Few sativa hybrids can boast such a short flowering period and such a potent psychoactive effect, a real cerebral high that will not leave you indifferent.

    Another vital aspect of Atomika to be highlighted is its taste and aroma; intense citric tones shrouded in small contrasts of incense and pine wood. After adequate curing these aromas and tastes will be multiplied, taking your palate to the nirvana of essences.

    Ghénotype: Jack Herer x Northern Lights
    Flowering: 12 hour light cycle: 65-70 days
    Outdoor: Early October
    Yield: Very high
    THC: High (23%)

    Datasheet Atomika 100% (5)

    Jack Herer x Northern Lights
    mostly Sativa
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    citrus, incense, pines
    psychoaktiv, zelebral
    Beginning of Oktober
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