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    Cheese is one of the world's most famous varieties of cannabis. There are many aspects that make this variety from the United Kingdom so special. Winner of several Cannabis Cup prizes and featuring on the menus of Amsterdam's most select coffee shops.

    Cheese is based on the selection of a Skunk with genetic defects but which in turn had the virtue of a strong smell and a different, sweet, intense and long-lasting taste.

    The use of carbon filters, of systems that minimise the smell are essential when cultivating Cheese, as the smell is extremely intense.

    It is a plant with indica predominance, and stands out due to the ease of its cultivation, suitable for all types of growers. The beginner will learn a lot and will feel good about themselves when they see how their work is rewarded. It is one of those varieties that makes one feel like a professional upon seeing the results.

    Its high and consistent quality make Cheese a favourite among many expert growers. A strong, long-lasting effect, narcotic and pleasurable, easy-going and very pleasant. The perfect end to a long day, relax and gaze at the stars.

    The most prominent features of Cheese are its taste and aroma, completely different to any other variety. Sybarites say that it reminds them of the stench given off by old cured cheese. One drag leads to another, the taste is very pleasant.

    Genotype: UK Skunk x Afghani
    Flowering: 12 hour light cycle: 55-60 days.
    Outdoor: End of September / early October.
    Yield: Medium
    THC: Medium - High (16%)

    Datasheet Cheese 100% (3)

    UK Skunk x Afghani
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    Cheese, blueberries
    long-lasting, narcotic, strong
    Beginning of Oktober
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