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    Critical Mass is one of the best known varieties at the moment, particularly in Spain, where its cultivation in recent years has increased spectacularly thanks to the performance of the plant. Its prestige is reflected in national competitions and in the fact that many seed banks have included it in their catalogues, though this one is undoubtedly more productive.

    Ideal for inexperienced growers looking for good results. For those looking for massive, high-quality harvests, but above all for those seeking to fall in love with the characteristic effect of Critical Mass.

    Its effect is overwhelming, a wild mixture of happiness and excitement, along with the calmness and well-being of a fairytale, a delight for the palate, as we find fruity nuances mixed with natural essences such as incense or earth.

    As regards appearance and yield, it looks like Big Bud and Skunk, the perfect combination between indica and sativa. Outdoors it can grow to a height of 3 metres. If it isn't controlled with pruning and the vegetative stage gets out of hand we can end up with a huge monster, which is recommended if there is enough space.

    The last stage of its growth is amazing; perfect, large central buds surrounded by powerful, long branches coated in sweet and penetrating resin. Odour control systems are essential when cultivating this variety.

    The best thing about this variety is its very short flowering period, 50-55 days indoors and ready in late September outdoors.

    Genotype: Big Bud x Skunk
    Flowering: 12 hour light cycle:50-55 days
    Outdoor: Late September
    Yield: High
    THC: High (18%)

    Datasheet Critical Mass 100% (3)

    Big Bud x Skunk
    Flowering (days):
    Height (cm):
    300 (Outdoor)
    THC (%):
    fruity, incense
    balanced, physical, zelebral
    End of September
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