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  • Bubble Cheese 100% (5)

    'Bubble Chesse' was originally a cutting developed by our good friend in the UK "mrcheese". By using an 'old school Bubblegum' crossed with the O.G Exodus Cheese. This clone was then accidently crossed to a 'reveresed Bubba Kush' with the seeds resulting into our 'Bubble Cheese' clone.

    After extensive testing, the 'Bubble Cheese' is a fruity, hash lovers delight with the addition of the Bubbas 'kick ass' kush, the taste of the Bubblegum, Cheese, and Kush are all recognisable in 'Bubble Cheese'

    'Bubble Cheese' grows stout, single, fat head colas packed with a fruity sweet Kush and a hint of Cheese !

    Parents: Bubble Gum Cheese ("mrcheese" cut) x Bubba Kush Reversed S1
    Flowering time: indoors 8 – 10 weeks outdoors beginning of November (Europe)
    Genetics: Mostly Indica
    Sensory experience: hubba bubba couchlock, super stone
    Smell: Bubblicous with a kush kick!
    Taste: Bubble Gum / Kush like flavour

    Datasheet Bubble Cheese 100% (5)

    Bubble Gum Cheese x Bubba Kush Reversed S1
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    fruity, sweet, cheese, chewing gum
    Hubba Bubba Couchlock, Super Stone
    Beginning of November
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