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  • Freeze Cheese ´89 100% (5)

    The 'Friesland indica' is a classic strain of yesteryear, originally from the Super Sativa Seed club, Holland.

    Big Buddha Seeds had sourced the seed from the vaults of one of Amsterdam's best coffeshops. After testing, the 'Friesland indica' turned out to be a real classic Old Skool indica strain.

    The 'Friesland' grows strong with dark green, elegant indica leaves and with classic buds laden with a diamond glisten. The 'Friesland' was then crossed to our classic strain the 'Big Buddha Cheese' resulting to the FreezeCheese 89, a real frostmaster, easy to grow strong, a good mould resistant plant a real step back in time for lovers of good pot of yesteryear!!!

    Parents: Friesland Indica 1989 X Big Buddha Cheese 'reversed'
    Flowering time: Indica 80% Sativa 20% (Mostly Indica)
    Genetics: Indoors - 8 to 10 weeks Outdoors - beginning of October
    Sensory experience: Hard hitting Indica 'stone'
    Smell: fresh lemon pine smell mixed with the old skool cheese odour,pleasureable potent skunk
    Taste: Sharp Citrus hash, very tasty Old Skool goodness

    Datasheet Freeze Cheese ´89 100% (5)

    Friesland Indica 1989 x Big Buddha Cheese
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    citrus, old school
    Beginning of October
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