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  • Purple Mexican 100% (5)

    The exotic and tasty Mexican merges with all Pakistani heritage as the PCK creating a fast hybrid very pleasant and stimulating effect at the same time, in a honeyed relaxation but lucid taking you to a pleasant relaxed atmosphere and long lasting.

    A wave of lemony incense with hints of spice and honey and taste is felt at its best leaving a lingering aftertaste caramelized and smoke incredible nuances.

    Genetics Oaxaca x Purple Kush
    Type Indica / Sativa
    Flowering Time 9-10 Weks
    Yield Medium/High
    Effects Stimulating, Pleasant
    Grows Indoors/Outdoors
    Taste Lemony Incense, Hints Of Spices And Honey

    Datasheet Purple Mexican 100% (5)

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