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    Carpathians Seeds

    About Carpathians Seeds

    Carpathians Seeds, the strength of the Carpathians in each seed! It is a seed bank of Czech and Ukrainian breeders. The Carpathians is an ecologically intact eastern European mountain system, with clean rivers, dense forests and a warm climate, which makes this area an ideal site for cannabis cultivation. These ideal conditions form the basis of breeding varieties of Carpathians Seeds. Although it is relatively new compared to other banks, it enjoys European recognition and is making a name in the cannabis world. With more than 10 years of experience in breeding of cannabis, they are selecting and stabilizing the best genetics to be able to offer each grower its seeds and to enjoy this experience without taking into account the part of the world where he lives.

    All its seeds are first generation, F1, and autoflowering, with the focus on short flowering times without loss of growth. All varieties are subject to exhaustive quality controls. In our online cannabis shop you can find autoflowering marijuana seeds in 3 and 5 seed packs.

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