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  • Auto Carpathian Mazar 100% (3)

    Ruderalis legacy makes Auto Carpathian Mazar Fem stable, tolerant variety, which persistently resists unpleasant pests and fatal diseases, as well as weather conditions. Improved from Northen Lights, this grade gives to Indica fans an incredible, literally dancing on their tongues taste.

    Its effect is a pure bliss. Trichomes are dense, sticky and bigger than you can imagine, they affect the body, leaving your mind clear as a cloudless sky in the midst of a sunny day. Auto Carpathian Mazar Fem grows well in any space, due to the short “Christmas tree” shape.

    It is a reliable variety that is easy to grow and it guarantees a rich high quality harvest, when grown outdoors. Stable genetics also ensures that Auto Carpathian Mazar fem is resistant to pests and diseases. Taste and aroma of resinous inflorescences match to Indica origin. Intensive harmonious effect affects both the body and the mind.

    Genetics: Indica x Ruderalis
    Origin: Indica genetics x Northen Light
    Strain Height: 70 - 80 cm
    Average Yield: 50 - 125 gr
    Flowering Time: 70 days

    Datasheet Auto Carpathian Mazar 100% (3)

    Indica Genetics x Northen Light
    mostly Indica
    Height (cm):
    70 - 80
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    50 – 125
    clear, mental, physical
    70 days
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