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  • Auto Carpathian White Witch 100%(5)

    This particular autoflowering strain is an enchanting hybrid of Afghani and Big Bud.

    Short, deceptively sweet and with a medium percentage of THC (10-15%) this strain will put a spell on you from the very beginning.

    Carpathian White Witch is stronger than she looks, resistant to diseases and it takes only 7 weeks of flowering before she will reward you with a bountiful harvest.

    This strain grows to a medium height and has remarkably little smell which makes it easy to grow indoors. Perfect for beginners since White Witch flourishes under minimal supervision and is not very picky regarding growing conditions.

    Genetics: Indica x Ruderalis x Sativa
    Origin: Secret
    Strain Height: 70 - 80 cm
    Average Yield: 75 - 100 gr
    Flowering Time: 65 days

    Datasheet Auto Carpathian White Witch 100%(5)

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