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  • Auto Northern Lights 100% (5)

    Auto Northern Lights Fem is one of the most popular sorts among indoor growers. The advantage of this plant is the almost complete absence of smell during flowering.

    This autoflowering strain grows high enough and produces large tight buds, abundantly covered with resin. Due to this, it has a strong effect, mainly Indica with fossilization, which rolls smooth waves for a long time.

    Auto Northern Lights Fem has a sweet flavor. It has medicinal properties to heal insomnia and poor appetite. This sort is unpretentious in cultivation. Recommended for growing indoore and outdoor. A great choice for beginners.

    Genetics: Ruderalis x Sativa x Indica
    Origin: Auto Northern Lights
    Strain Height: 50 - 160 cm
    Average Yield: 30 - 150 gr
    Flowering Time: 75 days

    Datasheet Auto Northern Lights 100% (5)

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