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  • Auto Sinevir 100% (5)

    Auto Sinevir is a delicious, aromatic and high yielding sort for those who like something exotic. It will be especially loved by growers who like to spend a lot of time with their plants, because the flavor is really nice, rich and unique. It smells like fresh herbs with the coolness of mountain peaks.

    Like a mountain flower Auto Sinevir is a strong plant that is adaptive to different growing conditions, as for closed or open ground. Due to its resistance to the environment, this grade has large, powerful, pitchy and very tight buds, which guarantees you a great harvest after just 60 days of flowering.

    Auto Sinevir reaches 60-90 cm in height when grown in indoore and 90-120 cm in outdoor. It tastes like a tropical fruit with a distinctive sweet and sour aftertaste. The effect of this plant has relaxing properties that will give you a sense of peace and surprising calm. Auto Sinevir will suit even the beginner.

    Genetics: Indica x Sativa
    Origin: Auto Somango
    Average Yield: 35 - 40 gr
    Flowering Time: 65 days

    Datasheet Auto Sinevir 100% (5)

    Height (cm):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    35 – 40
    sweet, sour, tropical fruits
    65 days
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