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  • Orange Bud 100% (Ceres)

    This evergreen from sunny California has been around for more than 25 years.

    Orange Bud, with it's easy mellow effect and smooth, pleasant smoking features it is still a variety that's very much in demand with the 'light smoker'. Orange Bud is one in the category; quick flowering and easy to grow.

    Brought over to the Netherlands in the early eighties, Orange Bud has remained among growers' favorite picks.

    When up and running, the Orange Bud is a sheer delight to have around; a wonderful, sweet smell, and the final yield is abundant with a wonderful, crispy high.

    Its Indica ancestors give Orange Bud a mellow vibe and creates a happy, uplifting mood. From the sunny beaches of California to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam, the Orange Bud is here to stay.

    - Type: Mostly Indica
    - Indoor flowering time: 45 - 55 days
    - Indoor yield: 1 gram per watt of light
    - Outdoor harvesting: Mid - October
    - Outdoor yield: Depending on climate

    Datasheet Orange Bud 100% (Ceres)

    mostly Indica
    Middle of October
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