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  • Super Automatic Skunk 100% (5)

    We combined the easy-to-grow and heavy yielding Skunk with our automatic flowering Ruderalis and the outcome is the amazingly fast-flowering Super Automatic Skunk, a beautiful, sweet tasting new cannabis variety that races from seed to weed in about two months time!

    The Super Automatic Skunk is an easy-to-grow, auto-flowering variety that has all the unmistakable features of the glorious original Skunk. It is a potent and hardy plant with sticky, pungent buds and a yield to match that mighty Skunk's solid reputation as a magnificent producer.

    The Super Automatic Skunk does very well in both indoor, and outdoor gardens. Because of its short flowering time and its hardiness, Super Automatic Skunk is the perfect choice for growing with sunlight, even in areas with a short and unpredictable summer. The thick dense buds are covered with resin and have that typical Skunk-like pungent musky, sweet smell and taste. The effects of the Super Automatic Skunk are a heavy combination of a hard-hitting stone and an euphoric high - just as a Skunk is supposed to be!

    - (Sativa x Indica) x Ruderalis crossing
    - Indoor flowering time: 60 - 65 days from seed till harvest
    - Indoor yield: 1 gram per Watt of light
    - Outdoor harvesting: Around 65 days after planting
    - Outdoor yield: Depending on climate

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