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  • Crystal Ryder AUTO 100% (5)

    Crystal Ryder is truly a second generation Autoflowering strain.

    By Crossing the original Low Ryder with the Brazilian Hybrid Santa Maria, a variety was created that will grow slightly bigger than the Dwarf Ryder and will give a strong and exotic high with a taste that will remind you of tropical fruits.

    Growing Crystal Ryder is easy, and can be done anywhere you like, indoor, outdoor, on the balcony, whichever you prefer. You can harvest in under 10 weeks, without needing a separate room, or any specific light cycle.

    Type: low ryder 1 x santa maria
    Indoor flowering: 42 - 56
    Outdoor flowering: +/- 9 weeks from seed to harvest
    Indoor yield: 100 gr./m2
    Outdoor yield: 30 - 60 gr./plant
    Height: 40 - 80 cm
    Buzz: strong and exotic high
    Taste / smell: exotic fruit

    Datasheet Crystal Ryder AUTO 100% (5)

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