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  • Intense Skunk 100% (5)

    Intense Skunk is a beautiful crossing between a superb Skunk variety and an old school Afghani Hash plant. Because of its dependability and overall high performance this strain is suitable for commercial as well as for specialist growers. She will always live up to the super potent promise she gives.

    Grown from seed, intense skunk is remarkably uniform, with plants showing consistent structure and regular buds every time. When given a little extra love and care, this strain can produce enormous crystal covered flowers indoors or in a greenhouse.

    Intense Skunk is probably the only cannabis strain that could very well require more experience to smoke than you would need to grow it.

    Type: skunk x afghani hash plant
    Indoor flowering: 45 - 50 days
    Outdoor flowering: june - october
    Indoor yield: up to 125 gr./m2
    Height: 120 - 150 cm
    Buzz: asks more experience to smoke than to grow
    Taste / smell: sweet and earthy

    Datasheet Intense Skunk 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
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