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  • Peace Maker (5)

    Type: Brazilian Super Skunk x South Indian White Widow
    In times of uncertainty and unrest Peacemaker is here to calm things down. Share Peacemaker with friend or foe and unite. Although not many people have had the privilege to try this marijuana plant, it is notorious for its power of unseen proportions. Once you've tasted peacemaker you'll want to have this available anytime, anywhere.

    Cup-Winnings (not in our database): Highlife cup 1999 3rd prize Growshop bio

    indoor flowering: 56 - 70 days.
    Indoor Yield: up to 450 grams per m2.
    Outdoor flowering time: May / June to October.
    Buzz: notorious for it's power of unseen proportions.
    Taste/Smell: fruity.

    Datasheet Peace Maker (5)

    mostly Sativa
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