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  • Sudden Flower 47 100% (Auto 3)

    Sudden Flower heralds the new era of "super autos" because unlike most other automatic varieties, this automatic strain does NOT contain lowryder genes.

    With no Lowryder genes, it surprises with a high end for autoflower locations (in optimal conditions up to 2 meters) and very good, above-average results without sacrificing the well-known Autoflower benefits. With a "shot" AK 47 it smells even fruity and clear. Harvest ripening according to sowing time in August / September. Indoor cultivation should be switched to 12h light, because at 18h it grows too long and is therefore usually too big.

    The scent is fruity and light ... this seed development milestone is just right for any outdoor grower who wants an automatic genetic with safe, good results and a special pungent odor, away from this auto-blanching puff.

    Datasheet Sudden Flower 47 100% (Auto 3)

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