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  • TNT Kush 100% (6)

    This is a kush from the mountains of Pakistan. It has an overwhelming power, indicated 100% effective.

    Trichome lot of great volume, very compact and hard buds. It is easy to grow, especially in nitrogen-poor soils, as it remains very green with few nutrients.

    Outdoors rise to long queues of buds. In flowering indoor growing thanks high temperatures, with buds more generous. When paying, maintaining levels of CD rather low.

    Its a real plant resin. Very special smell, a walnut and cypress, with hints of cherry and ripe star fruit. The flavor also adds a touch of bitter almond and chocolate.

    Production: Medium-High
    Field crop: Int / Ext. Int
    Flowering: 55-60 days.
    Flowering ext: early October.

    Datasheet TNT Kush 100% (6)

    mostly Indica
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