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  • Auto Mass 100% (3)

    Our automatic version of the famous Critical Mass of which this hybrid retains the high psychoactivity and the characteristic strong fruity taste. A super fast and very perfumed plant that will delight every grower after only 60-65 days grown.

    The dominant phenotype results in medium sized plants that do not grow taller than 1 metre and stay pretty compact with limited branching and the buds fully covering the main stalk.The other phenotype develops in a taller and more opened and branched plant that produce rounded and heavy sticky buds.

    Its so intense smell and taste reminds of a tropical fruit salad with an exotic spicy touch. The hashish extracted from this plants is wonderfully sweet and flavoured.

    Best results are obtained by feeding with high PK fertilizers and cultivating this strain under artificial lights in Sea of Green (SOG) setup.

    Genetics: CRITICAL MASS x Lowryder
    Type: auto-flowering hybrid
    Height: 60 - 90 cm
    Flowering: automatic from week 3
    Harvest: within 65 days from sprouting
    Production: 35 - 70 gr.
    Culture: Indoor – Outdoor - Greenhouse

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