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  • Fast & Vast AUTO 100% (5)

    If you’re looking for maximum yields and maximum potency in an autoflowering strain then look no further. Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight, taking a sturdy white dwarf and crossing it with an auto skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 careful weeks, and then the Vast came when further crossing with a powerful Afghani auto.

    Great care has been taken to ensure that the high yields are not at the expense of quality, the long thick buds covered in sparkling crystals produce a high quality soft and sweet smoke with spicy undertones. The effect is very fast and knock out, leading to a long relaxed stone.

    Don’t expect Fast and Vast to perform like any ordinary auto, for this is no ordinary auto, it’s a Heavyweight Auto!

    GENETICS: Afghani x Skunk x White Dwarf
    TYPE: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
    FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering
    HARVEST TIME: Approximately 8 weeks from germination
    HEIGHT: 100m-120cm
    INDOOR YIELD: 600-800gr/m2
    OUTDOOR YIELD: 75-200g per plant

    Datasheet Fast & Vast AUTO 100% (5)

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