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  • Gold Mine 100% (5)

    The exotic aroma is deep and pungent, making carbon filtration a must if growing indoors. Outdoors, Goldmine just keeps reaching for the skies and can result in a plant that looks like a giant Christmas tree. Shimmering trichomes and abundant crystals coat every surface, giving the appearance of gold leaf.

    The effect is narcotic and very long lasting, initially taking you on a white knuckle ride that gradually evolves into a mellow and deeply relaxing sensation.

    Goldmine is easy to grow, quick flowering and will reward you with a harvest fit for King Midas!

    GENETICS: Mazar x AK49
    TYPE: Indica 70% Sativa 30%
    CBD: 1.0%
    THC: 22%
    FLOWERING INDOOR: 9 10 weeks
    FLOWERING OUTDOOR: Early October (Northern hemisphere) / June (Southern hemisphere)
    HEIGHT: 80 120cm (indoors) / 200 300cm (Outdoors)
    YIELD: Indoors 500-600gr/m2 1000gr per plant (outdoors)

    Datasheet Gold Mine 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
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