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    Bubba's Gift cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization belong to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain derived from the cross between Bubba Kush and Purple Indica. Thanks to this project, we have obtained an almost pure Indica hybrid of extraordinary quality, both at an organoleptic level and at a global level.

    Bubba's Gift is a present from Humboldt Seed Organization to all growers worldwide. It is an excellent Indica comprising many advantages. This cannabis seed grows in a marvellous high-end plant which will captivate all those who come to meet it. Small, with short distance between nodes, it flowers in 50 days, producing generous compact buds in the shape of golf balls. Its big and broad leaves turn purple during the flowering period.

    It performs well indoors, particularly in reduced spaces, but it grows happier in temperate, Mediterranean climates as well as in the pleasant atmosphere of the greenhouse. It is not excessively resistant to moisture. This marijuana seed is a must-have for those enthusiastic about Indica cannabis seeds. The strong fragrance it gives off requires the use of active carbon filters so as to neutralize the smell.

    Bubba's Gift produces a very intense flavour and aroma, with hints of exotic fruits which bring to mind the taste of a piña colada cocktail with subtle touches of oil and species. Its long-lasting and potent effect is typically Indica, i.e., physical and relaxing, which makes it perfect to unwind and for medical use, particularly for reducing muscle tension and stimulating the appetite.

    Suitable for indoors and outdoors
    Genotype: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
    Cross: Bubba Kush x God's Gift
    Indoor flowering period: 45-50 days
    Outdoor harvest time: mid-September
    Indoor yield: 400-600 g/m2
    Outdoor yield: From 1 to 3 kg/plant
    Outdoor height: from 1 to 3 meters

    Datasheet Bubba's Gift 100% (5)

    Bubba Kush x God’s Gift
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    Height (cm):
    THC (%):
    CBD (%):
    Yield Indoor (g/m2):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    exotic, fruity, spicy, gasoline
    physical, mental, relaxing, soothing
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