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    An F1 cross between a Lowryder #2 and the new AK47 automatic in which the two parents express their best genetical traits: high resin production and fruity aroma of a carefully selected Lowryder #2 pheno, and the size and branching of the AK47 automatic.

    This poli-hybrid is fully autoflowering and matures in 70-75 days from germination, reaching optimal size if given enough light (intensity and time).

    The best conditions are 20 hours of light and 4 of dark during the entire cycle. Outdoors the best time is may-august, but it's easy to do multiple cycles per season, until november.

    Genetic: automatic AK47 x LOWRYDER #2
    Type: autoflowering hybrid
    Height: 40-70 cm.
    Flowering: automatic - during the third week
    Harvest: 70-75 days from germination
    Yield: 20 50 gr./plant
    Pot: 5-12 Lt.
    Location: Indoor/Outdoor

    Datasheet Easy Ryder 100% (5)

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