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    Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extreme rapid growth (life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud), uniquely short height, and amazingly versatile.

    Lowryder is stable and reliable in its properties, a product of nine generations of selective breeding, and is non-deviant and hermaphrodite-free.

    Lowryder claims direct descendance from superior William’s Wonder and Northern Lights no.2 indica, as well as a more exotic, virtually unknown short variety believed to be descended from “Mexican Ruderalis,” an experimental cross created over 25 years ago.

    Passing directly from the seedling to the flowering stage, Lowryder altogether does away with the vegetative growth stage, in a process called autoflowering. In other words, when planted, it sprouts, grows a couple sets of leaves, then immediately and automatically begins flowering (males at about day 17, females at day 20).

    As a result, it is the quickest, most compact, and most discrete plant available.

    Genetics: William’s Wonder / Northern Lights No. 2 / Mexican Ruderalis
    Type: Stabilized hybrid, True-Breeding
    Harvest Date: 2 months from sowing.
    Flowering Period: 5 weeks
    THC Content: 10 - 12%
    Characteristics: Small, hardy, autoflowering strain, small yields.
    Location: indoor/outdoor

    Datasheet Lowryder 1 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    56 days
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