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Type: 75% sativa
Contains landrace genetics from: Kerala, South India; Nepal
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
Flowering time outdoor: mid-October (south), late October (north).
Flowering time indoor: 65-72 days.
Recommended light intensity: 400-600W/m2
Yield (dry weight): 350-450gr/m2; up to 220gr per plant in greenhouse; up to 1200gr per plant outdoor in the ground.
Plant Height: medium-slightly tall.
High: A "smooth" but potent sativa-dominant high; helps to relax but keeps you awake at the same time; good for ideas and creativity; suitable for persons with a high THC tolerance. Can facilitate a refreshing sleep at nighttimel
Aroma: Fruity-sweet (pineapple bubblegum), herbal, earthy-musky.
Medical use:Excellent medical-grade marijuana.

Each limited edition of Krystalica has been a once-in-a-lifetime unique creation. With Krystalica you can witness how muchtime and energy we focus into the making of a Mandala strain. It has been five years since the last edition and during this periodwe have been meticulously selecting and testing a large selection of plants in search for a new pair of parents that can create a cross worthy of the predecessors in the Krystalica lineage.

Everyone who has even remotely enjoyed our Satori will appreciate Krystalica as another essential connoisseur strain. She offers a great package deal that is hard to come by: impressive resin production, good yields, easy growing, and a superb high. Although both strains have features in common, the cannabinoids in Krystalica make up a distinctly different high.

Satori can be too overwhelming for some smokers. Krystalica is smoother and less dramatic in the intial phase of the high, therefore especially appreciated by sensitive persons, or those prone to paranoia and anxiety. This is also a sativa with a relaxing effect that makes you want to slow down and enjoy. Whereas Satori is also suitable for energetic pursuits or partying, Krystalica is best smoked when you want to wind down but stay refreshed or creative at the same time. The medical applications for Krystalica are extensive since it has top THC levels with a very pleasant high to match.

Krystalica can be grown indoor from seeds or clones. Use 400-600W HPS/m2 for best results because this is a high performance strain and may not flower well under low light. In hydroponics impressive yields can be expected – especially if you have selected a mother plant that brings the extra pounds on the scale. Krystalica grows long shoots extending from the bottom two internodes.

These should be pruned in hydroponics or if your grow space is cramped. The remaining branches are of medium length but may require some support during late flowering if the buds become particularly heavy. It is usually sufficient to tie a thick string or gardening wire around the outside perimeter of the plant. The plants grow well in SOG and can be planted in close rows. With 4 weeks of vegetative growth under 400W HPS/m2 in quality soil you can expect the plants to reach a height between 70-110 cm. Use at least 5L/1 gallon containers for growth and 10L/2.5 gallon for flowering for plants from seed (clones can be raised in smaller containers).

Bud development is unlike a typical sativa and quite dense with some plants exhibiting broad indica-type buds. Trichome production can reach amazing heights, extending to the sun leaves, so it pays to keep back-up clones and select the most spectacular individual as mother plant or for breeding projects.

Datasheet Krystalica

Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Sativa
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
THC (%):
CBD (%):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
Fruity-sweet, herbal, earthy-musky
sativa-dominant high, creativity
Medical variety:
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