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  • San Fernando Valley OG x Do-si-Dos

    Philosopher Seeds is committed to using new and high quality varieties to create innovative hybrids. On this occasion they have opened up their R&D library to bring us a cross using American clones of the highest level. We offer you the chance to try this new strain at the same time as its breeders and discover the best phenotypes.
    San Fernando Valley x Do-Si-Dos is an indica/sativa hybrid that grows strong and vigorous, developing a prominent central cola surrounded by multiple low secondary branches that increase its yield. This gives it a typical bushy hybrid structure, compatible with both SOG and SCROG techniques, quickly filling our grow room with flowers. It is resistant and simple to grow, offering good results with little effort, and does not need high levels of fertilisers, making it a perfect choice for cultivation experts as well as beginner growers. Its flowering period lasts about 65-70 days, during which time it can produce a harvest of up to 500g per m2, with extremely hard, resin-coated buds distributed across the tips of all its branches. Its aroma is complex, intense and penetrating, mixing nuances of fuel and citrus with sweet, floral, earthy and exotic touches, which permeate your palate with every toke, especially if consumed in a cannabis vaporiser. As for its effect, it is both physically and mentally potent, relaxing your body and soothing your muscles while immersing you in a powerful, very pleasant and long lasting sensation of euphoric psychedelia.

    Datasheet San Fernando Valley OG x Do-si-Dos

    San Fernando Valley x Do-Si-Dos
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