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    AKA Bubbleberry

    Bubbleberry has been one of Sagarmatha's most satisfying varieties to date, creating a legend for herself in the grow rooms and neighbourhoods of cannabis connoisseurs. Originally conceived in 1996, Bubbleberry has made a perfect hybrid, combining all of the fine qualities of the award winning parents, the ever famous Bubblegum and Blueberry strains. In 1998-1999 this luscious lady won the prestigious San Francisco Bay Area Growers award. We acknowledge that the expertise and diligence of the individual growers also played a role in her victory and we wish to thank each and every one of those providers.

    This sturdy plant produces larger buds with more strength and taste than original Bubblegum or Blueberry. Bubbleberry is very hardy and spider mite-resistant. Pungent, sticky flowers with an overpowering aroma provide the smoker with a bubbly high and a long lasting buzz. Filtering the air system should be mandatory when cultivating this cannabis delicacy.

    Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor
    Vegetate until: 4 - 7 internodes. Clip center cola for bushier plant.
    Flowering time: 65 days
    Average height: 0.7 - 1 meter
    Yield: 300 - 325 g/m²
    High: euphoric and cheerful
    Smell: pungent and skunky

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