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  • Cheez Wreck 100% (5)

    The Champion “Cheese” and the terrific “Train Wreck” have been fused to form one the most fantastic hybrids of the 21st century. The aroma and attitudes of the parentage brings this plant to higher level of performance.

    Moments after the first inhalation, the consciousness of the smoker subsides slowly succumbing to the influence of the Wreck, only to rise up with the fantastic flavored smoke of the Cheese placing a smile on your face and a red twinkle in your sagging eyes.

    When your garden is limited to only 1 variety, be sure to get your Cheese Wreck boarding pass!

    Type: Indica-Sativa skunk
    Vegetate until: 4 - 7 internodes.
    Flowering time: 55-60 days
    Average height: 0.8 - 1.2 meter
    Yield: 350-400 grams / m² (dried, indoor)

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