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  • Northern Lights #9

    After years of heartfelt requests for a Northern Lights strain, Sagarmatha has engineered a superior version of the NL legend. The flowering time is acceptable and fat chunky nugs can be expected.

    NL#9 delivers the finest qualities expected from that variety: a short plant with a voracious stone and minimal smell. Fantastic for gardens where smell is an unfavorable factor.

    Also fine for persons who desire a heavy, lethargic stone.

    For a great connection, dial NL#9.

    Type: Indica - Sativa, indoor
    Vegetate until: 4 - 7 internodes.
    Flower for: 55 days
    Average height: 0.5 - 0.75 meters
    Yield: 300 - 325 grams / m² (dried, indoor)
    High: relaxing and sociable
    Taste: lemony

    Datasheet Northern Lights #9

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