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  • Jekill Passion 100% (3)

    Flo is a potent, predominately Sativa plant that matures very early. By adding the excellence of that pedigree Indica strain, the great Black Domina, we ended up with a variety with an exceptionally short flowering cycle yet large, tight foxtail buds and compact, purple calyces.

    These plants are taller than most and tend to spread, which is why we recommend a really short vegetative cycle indoors (the first buds reach maturity after around seven weeks). Ideal for greenhouses. Massive yields make this a very rewarding strain.

    Its taste matches Manali hash, pure incense with minty overtones. A very euphoric and pleasant experience!

    Genotype: 65% Sativa 35% Indica
    Lineage: Black Domina x Original Flo
    Indoor Harvest Time: from 60 to 70 days
    Flavour: Incensed
    Way of cropping: Indoor/Ourdoor
    Production: 500-900 gr/m2 indoor/outdoor
    Smell: High
    Efect: Euphoric
    Resistance to mold: High
    Outdoor Harvest Time: early October
    Resistance to plagues: Medium
    Irrigation tolerancy: High
    Medicinal value: Very high

    Datasheet Jekill Passion 100% (3)

    mostly Sativa
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