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Biddy Early

Biddy Early is our outdoor variety especially developed by Gerrit from Magus Genetics for the Dutch humid and cold climate. This strain is now already one of the best ever for the northern countries of Western Europe. It can easily grow to two meters of height in a normal outdoor season. Its relatively early finishing time combined with a very good resistance against molds make it very suitable for outdoor grows in the Dutch and similar northern climates. This very easy to grow plant is perfect for the novice and inexperienced grower and therefore our “Startersmodel”. We keep the price of this variety extra low to give beginners and people with smaller budgets the chance to also grow a strain of Serious quality. Most plants will show red and purple colorations under low temperatures. The Biddy Early also gives great results indoors, but keeping motherplants in a vegetative state is a little bit difficult because of its willingness to start flowering. The aroma of this plant is a mix of an unfamiliar earthy scent with a sweet candy taste which gives a surprisingly pleasant and powerful high. In 2003 Biddy Early has won the second place in the category “Best Sativa” at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Biddy Early won this award as the only outdoor-bud in this category, competing against solemnly indoor-buds. This proves the extraordinary quality of this strain. Some people even claimed it was the best cannabis they ever smoked.

Datasheet Biddy Early

mostly Sativa
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
sweet, earthy
powerful high
Mid September/early October
Cup Winner:
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