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    In Shaman Genetics we wanted to pay tribute to Bob Marley, and there was born the idea to create the Marley's Tribute.

    So we've chosen one of the best hybrids for us existing genetically Jamaican, the Jamaican Grape Seeds Secret Valley and crossed it with our selected in year '05 to further shorten the flowering period of the Jamaican Grape and provide great training hard buds inherited the Black Domina Black Domina to this hybrid with Indica predominance.

    The production is average but Marley's Tribute is rewarded for their flowers so compact that give a good result on the scale.

    Genetics: Jamaican Grape X Black Domina.
    Genotype: 75% Indicates / 25% Sativa.
    Flowering Interior: Between 53 and 60 days.
    Foreign Flowering: Between 25 September and 05 October.
    Internal Production: 375 480gr./m2..
    Foreign Production: 450 600gr.
    Aroma: Ripe black grapes.

    Datasheet Marley's Tribute 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
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