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  • Star 99 100% (5)

    For the creation of this variety used our famous UK Cheese and crossed with a Skunk #1 Auto our gene pool.

    This crossing has resulted in a plant with a distinctive flavor and difficult to find.

    Works well both indoors and outdoors, not easily extresándose in adverse conditions. Produce many dense sticky buds full of resin. Least give some advise 15 days for good production growth. It is very easy to esquejear.

    Ends flora with so loaded resin buds almost can not see the color of the plant and has a strong euphoric effect being recommended apetite. With this variety we wanted desmarcarnos what is currently offered on the market. If you are ready for new sensations after a drag, Star 99 It's your new challenge.

    Genetics: Star Dawg X C99.
    Genotype:60% Indicates / 40% Sativa.
    Flowering Interior: Between 53 and 60 days.
    Foreign Flowering: Between 1 and 10 October.
    Internal Production:400 600gr/m2.
    Foreign Production: 500 700gr.
    Aroma:Pineapple acid.

    Datasheet Star 99 100% (5)

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