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  • The Super 100% (5)

    The Super is a choice all suitable land for both indoor and outdoor use and easy to grow.

    For the creation of The Super, usamos the Skunk #1 Afghanistan y una #1 super fast both of Sensi Seeds, selecting fruit 3 specimens from over 1000 individuals.

    The Super grows with excellent hybrid vigor and an average distance intermodal, you feel fine pruning, may eventually create a lot of queues.

    It is usually among the list 50 and 55 days, but if you want to get a body you can lengthen effect until 60 days. A strong odor, While the canister lid!!!!

    Genetics: Skunk #1 X Afghani #1.
    Genotype:70% Indicates / 30% Sativa.
    Flowering Interior: Between 50 and 55 days.
    Foreign Flowering: Between 20 and 30 October.
    Internal Production: 450 600gr./m2.
    Foreign Production: 550 750gr.
    Aroma:Floral aroma with earthy touches.

    Datasheet The Super 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
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