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  • Tomahawk 100% (5)

    It has a sativa effect, but the highlight of this gene is its incredible flavor which will surprise even the most exquisite grower.

    Intersection of two of our favorite varieties, Warlock from Magus Genetics bank disappeared, a very popular choice in our area that dates back to 2004, there are at least four different cuttings and one, the stand out for its strawberry flavor was selected to cross with Lilly, another fantastic work of Mario Bellandi, which maintain the original clone incredible speed and great taste.

    Crossing a plant of this predominantly sativa but with characteristics of a short flowering indica as your born.

    Genetics: Lilly x Warlock..
    Genotype: 25% Indicates / 75% Sativa.
    Flowering Interior: Between 50 and 60 days.
    Foreign Flowering: Between 5 and 15 October.
    Internal Production:400 550gr/m2.
    Foreign Production: 450 650gr.
    Aroma: Sour strawberry

    Datasheet Tomahawk 100% (5)

    mostly Sativa
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