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  • Trance Mix AUTO 100% (10)

    Shaman Genetics makes available to all the new Trance Mix Autoflowering varieties which can find a seed of each variety of our catalog auto plus 4 Extra fruit seeds of new jobs or our genetic crosses between.

    The Trance Mix is composed of:

    1 x Blue Caramel Auto (Blueberry x Cream Caramel Auto).
    1 x The Super Auto (The Super x AK Auto).
    1 x Hubba Bubba (Bubble Gum x Deimos).
    1 x Marley´s Auto (Marley´s Tribute x Auto Critical ).
    1 x Kraken Auto (Jack Herer x The#1).
    1 x UK Cheese Auto (Uk Cheese x Skunk#1 Auto).

    4 x Variety auto Shaman Genetics.

    Between 10 seeds which compose the Trance Mix can find varieties with different scents and colors which are all autoflowering and feminized 100%. Choice you will have a great range of flavors and effects to enjoy every moment.

    Harvest times vary depending on the variety that we cultivate and that all seeds come in a unique keychain and will cultivate a surprise, can find varieties flowering between 60 and 75 days.

    All seeds are guaranteed Genetics Shaman as they have passed all our recruitment processes.

    Datasheet Trance Mix AUTO 100% (10)

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