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  • Congolese (12)

    A sought-after Congolese strain that has undergone several generations of selection work in Spain, making it well-suited to indoors.

    Aromas of chocolate, coffee, incense, and leather, with some phenotypes more fruity and sweet.

    Long-lasting euphoric high that's social and creative but calming and anti-anxiety towards close.

    Lime-green foliage, with architecture like classic Thais, though some specimens showing Christmas-tree forms.

    Limited intersex traits (less than 5%) and tolerates nutrients, though limited feeding necessary. 6 - 8 times stretch in flower. Good tolerance for heat and humidity. Long internodes but with quite dense buds.

    Datasheet Congolese (12)

    Heirloom Congolese Ganja Strain
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    classical Sativa-type tropical ganja cultigen
    Flowering (days):
    90 to 120 days
    Height (cm):
    +2 meters outdoors
    Fruity and sweet
    Long-lasting euphoric high that's social and creative
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