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  • Kumaoni (12)

    An authentic, traditional multipurpose Himalayan landrace unique to a few villages of northern Kumaon, bordering Tibet and Nepal. Kumaon was for several years a part of the Kingdom of Nepal and shares its Himalayan traditions.

    These are charming, rustic plants yielding usable fibre, large seeds, and resin. Charas from this landrace is harder and coarser than the Parvati type but is characterised by a luminous, expansive high and an even long-lasting buzz. Plants will grow tall given space and have the long internodes and loose, resinous buds of traditional Himalayan landraces.

    Hardy, adapted to intense rain, cold, and humidity, this landrace is well-suited to adaptation to northern climates.

    Recommended to collectors seeking a rare and fully authentic Himalayan landrace and to those who value Himalayan charas with a characterful uplifting high.

    Datasheet Kumaoni (12)

    Pure Himalayan Charas Plant
    mostly Sativa
    Height (cm):
    300-400 (Outdoor)
    citrus, floral, hash
    euphoric high, intense vigour, great mold resistance
    Middle of October - Early November
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