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    A special Lebanese landrace sourced in winter 2008 with the help of an old-timer from Baalbek. This accession originates above Bekaa Valley not the lowland fields of Yammouneh. The Real Seed Co Lebanese has the pedigree of renowned mountain growing regions, which is traditionally where the finest Lebanese hashish has been produced.

    Cannabis in Lebanon has a long tradition and the region's best strains are recognized for their intensity and excellent breeding potential.

    Characteristic aromas are cedar and pine, with sweetness and heavy aromas of fruit such as mango and cherry. Lebanese landraces are very compact and mature early. Deep-red or purple colouration can show during senescence.

    Two main architectures can be found: Columnar plants grow to one central stem with minimal branching and are well-suited to breeding advanced industrial crops. Heavily branched phenotypes are often near-spherical (e.g. 90 by 90 cm).

    Note: Current stock is from first-generation seeds of the original 2008 accession, created using open pollination, involving high numbers of males and females with minimal selection. Plants with negative traits have been removed while maximizing biodiversity and desirable traits.

    A lot of Lebanese offerings have cropped up since our 2008 trip. There's a reason why. This landrace is a treasure trove!

    Datasheet Lebanese (5)

    Pure Lebanese Hashish Plant
    mostly Indica
    Height (cm):
    Cedar, pine and fruit with spices and sweetness
    Early September - Early October
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