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    A pure Afghani landrace species from Sheberghan, a renowned centre of charas production in northern Afghanistan. Sheberghan is an ethnic Uzbek region, which connects it with the historic centres of cannabis culture in the north in Bukhara. Landraces from Sheberghan were already scientifically documented in 1924 by the Russian botanist and geneticist Nikolai Vavilov.

    Northern Afghani landraces cannot easily be categorised according to Western schemes over Indica or Sativa plants. The seeds of this Afghani landrace were purchased directly from qualified charas farmers. As is typical of northern Afghani landrace strains, this Sheberghan is large-leaved, resinous and highly branched. Expect intense aromas of citrus, fruit and hashish.

    A new accession from Sheberghan, a renowned centre of resin production in nothern Afghanistan. Sheberghan is an ethnically Uzbek region, linking it to the historic centres of charas production to its north in Bukhara. This landrace was obtained directly from charas farmers.

    Resinous and heavily branched with intense aromas and resin. Leaflet-width can also vary from broad through to narrow. Northern Afghan landraces cannot be easily categoried according to Western preconceptions about Indica- or Sativa-type plants.

    Expect to find chemotypes ranging from THC- to CBD-dominant, as well as other cannabinoids such as THCV. Highly recommend to breeders. Essential for collectors.

    Datasheet Sheberghan (12)

    Pure Northern Afghan Landrace
    Citrus, fruity
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