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    The Burley Panama is a highly productive variety with leaves that mature state can be a meter in length. He has a good quality leaf, medium nicotine content and acts as a strong Burley Jupiter.

    Burley Note: All Burley varieties originally came from a chlorophyll mutation of a tobacco farmer in Ohio (USA) 1864th The low chlorophyll content is the reason for the high absorption capacity. It leads to a higher sensitivity of the plants to nutrient deficiency, so in addition to good care, a slight to moderate soil, and only moderately warm, not too dry climate and fertilizer needed.

    Tobacco-roasting: Especially in the U.S., the roasting of tobacco still common. To refine the cocoa-like aroma, the leaves are drying on the heated Tabakgarn hanging over a fire. roasted this way, the pure tobacco flavor and a much milder overall pleasant smoky taste. This method can also be used for other types of tobacco, but the result is just the Burley so pronounced.

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