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    The old European landrace Badischer Geudertheimer is named after a town in Alsace, the air-dried tobacco originally darker the cigar making the Baden-founded as a tobacco farming. In the major tobacco regions of Germany it is planted as the main places to this day. This is due to its tolerance to climatic extremes and resistance due to adverse environmental factors and the other in its easy care and easy processing and the high yield.

    Use: The dark air-cured tobaccos can or as a mixture component of cigarettes, fine cut and pipe used to insert as cigars. The most valuable leaves are the leaves of the plant sand, so the 3-5 following the Grump leaves (about 4-8 leaf from below, depending on growth). They are particularly rich in aromatic oils and resins, and can be used by nikotinarm cigars cover sheets in good harvest years for the production.

    Fermentation Free Use: Any dark air-cured varieties in our range can be used unfermented, when the drying very slowly over at least a year with regular high humidity (eg, early morning fog) runs.

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