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    The Samsoun Turkish tobaccos are among the best Oriental tobaccos out there. This variety of tobacco with - higher nicotine content now used to a greater shisha tobacco, and as an aromatic ingredient of cigarettes and pipe tobacco fine cut that slows especially the too rapid burning of Virginia tobaccos - compared to other Oriental tobaccos. The leaves are rich in essential oils, which are responsible for their own flavor and slow burn, and the neon and combustibility of tobacco is ideal.

    Plant: The leaves are medium sized, thin and wavy, supple and from yellow-brown-reddish color, slightly darker than other oriental tobaccos. The plant achieved by the source on nutrient-poor soils at an altitude of 100-150 cm, is so much tall as Virginia or DLT varieties.

    Taste: Rich, sweet, filling and fresh.

    Extras: The leaf is rich in fatty substances and for a relatively nikotinhaltig oriental tobacco.

    Aroma: Pleasant, but not by much, it works in cigarette blends balancing and harmonizing.

    General tips for Oriental tobaccos:

    All Oriental tobaccos are suitable for water pipes and cigarettes are among the best fine cut and pipe tobaccos, which thrive in this world. One of the reasons is the relative short stature: In the small leaves concentrate aromatic oils, resins and other active substances for the highly aromatic flavor, the slow burn and is responsible for the mild sweetness of the smoke flavor.

    Therefore, they grow particularly well on poor soils, in mountainous and high slopes. Commercially they are hard to find: Oriental tobaccos are very expensive, as is harvested by hand. They are absent in almost any pipe or cigarette blend, in which they are usually mixed as Würztabak and to slow the rapid erosion of VIRGINIA.

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