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    Keeping your personal information private is very important for us. Therefore we have taken many security measures for our shop system and database.

    • The complete shop uses SSL encryption
    • After sending your order to us your personal information will be stored temporarily with an AES encryption in our database. The encryption key changes regularily and is only valid for 2 minutes..
    • Then your data will be encrypted again through a local computer with a strong 3 key encryption> system. These keys are not known to anybody and cannot be read from outside.
    Privacy and Security

    We do not keep records and all your personal information will be deleted 4 weeks after the order has been sent to you. After these 4 weeks all records are deleted and we do not have access to any order details any more.

    No other seed trader can provide such a security that your personal information will not fall into the wrong hands. Following we compare our security system with the most popular shop systems.

    OS/XTCommerce (Veyton)
    JTL, Oxid, Magento
    SSL Encryption
    default enabled
    is possible and normal enabled
    is possible and normal enabled
    AES Encryption for all datas
    default enabled with 3 different 256 Bit keys
    currently not possible
    partly possible
    Automatic destroying of all datas
    automatically after the order is delivered
    only manually
    only manually
    Anonymity in all emails from the Shop
    you can select at the checkout
    not provided
    not provided